1. 2020 = SOLO

  2. SWARM

  3. One Jewish Boy Original Soundtrack

  4. The Hungry (Film London)
    Benedict Taylor - Composition

  5. Caged Guerrillas (Subverten Records)
    Benedict Taylor - Solo Viola & Distortion

  6. A Purposeless Play (Subverten Records)
    Benedict Taylor - Solo Viola

  7. Pugilism (Subverten Records)
    Benedict Taylor - Solo Viola

  8. Fireworks (Royal Court Theatre)
    Benedict Taylor - Composition

  9. The Living Room - (Little Productions)
    Benedict Taylor - Composition

  10. Rend

  11. The Djinns of Eidgah (Royal Court Theatre)
    Benedict Taylor - Composition

  12. Solstice (Nachtstück Records)
    Benedict Taylor - Solo Viola

  13. Monologue / Maunraag (Vaibhave Abnave)
    Benedict Taylor - Composition

  14. The Bright Day (White Copper Entertainment)
    Benedict Taylor - Composition

  15. Alluere (Subverten)
    Benedict Taylor - Solo Viola

  16. Striations (Subverten)
    Benedict Taylor - Solo Viola

  17. Bombay Concrete
    Benedict Taylor - Composition

  18. Transit Check (CRAM)
    Benedict Taylor - Solo Viola

  19. Mr Incredible (Longsight Theatre)
    Benedict Taylor - Composition

  20. Screwed (Theatre 503)
    Benedict Taylor - Composition

  21. Concrete Birds: Frequent Flyers
    Benedict Taylor - Composition

  22. Hidden Bomba (Linear Obsessional)
    Benedict Taylor & Chris Cundy

  23. Puncture Cycle (New Wave of Jazz)
    Benedict Taylor & Dirk Serries

  24. YOU (Longsight Theatre)
    Benedict Taylor - Composition

  25. Burn Before Listening - The Rejected Recordings of Benny Court & Benny Taylor (Squib Box)
    Benny Court & Benny Taylor

  26. TONUS: Ear Duration (New Wave of Jazz)
    Graham Dunning, Dirk Serries, Benedict Taylor, Martina Verhoeven, Colin Webster

  27. Hunt at the Brook (FMR Records)
    Benedict Taylor, Tom Jackson & Daniel Thompson

  28. Songs from Brightly-Lit Rooms (Squib-Box)
    Tom Jackson & Benedict Taylor

  29. Gubbins (CRAM)
    Benedict Taylor & Adam de la Cour

  30. Songs from Badly-Lit Rooms (Squib-Box)
    Benedict Taylor & Tom Jackson

  31. TONUS: Texture Point (New Wave of Jazz)
    Dirk Serries, Benedict Taylor, Martina Verhoeven


Benedict Taylor London, UK

Composition & improvisation. Solo, ensemble, soundtrack, concept album. Viola, violin, voice, other things. BBC Late Junction, BBC Hear & Now, Jazz en Nord, London Contemporary Music Festival, Aldeburgh Festival, Cafe Oto, Vortex, Southbank Centre, Barbican, ICA, BBC Radio 3, Royal Court Theatre, Berlinale, Venice Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Film London ... more

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